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Peonies - Natural


Peonies - Natural

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Due to such variation in head sizes, we have decided to make bunches 3 oz. instead of a stem count. This keeps consistancy better and assures you of a full bunch.   Fragrant, natural, dried blooms on stems. An old garden favorite, to savor!

Colors include: soft/blush, dark pink, burgundy, & medium pink.
FYI - TO CARE FOR YOUR DRIED PEONIES: Dried Peonies sometimes arrive looking mis-shapened. "Bring them back to life" by spritzing them with water (a spray bottle works great for this) and squeeze the head like you would a marshmallow until you 'round them out'.
Another tip is to hold them over a steam source (such as a tea kettle). This will open the head and you can manipulate them or reshape the heads as well. These are well worth the effort!

~Spring Season:  Visit our FRESH PEONIES page. 


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