Caspia *Celosia Cockscomb Dyed

Celosia Cockscomb


Celosia Cockscomb

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Old fashioned garden beauties. Sometimes called Coxcomb or cockscomb because the heads resemble the comb on a rooster!  Solid, large, colorful head on stem.  This variety is rich, velvet heads. Three colors available: Burgundy, Buff, Rose.  DYI Hint: The buff color lends itself to being colored to anything you might be trying to match. Use rattle can color spray, available at most hardware stores!     
  - 4 oz bunch 
  - Range in length from 12-20" long 
  - Quickly dried to retain the brilliant colors   
  - Natural grown and dried   
  - Several money saving packs available. Terrific value.    
  - Stem count varies with head size as this is sold by weight. Aprox 3-8 stems. Head size ranges 2"-6" 

Heads, no stems, are also available in 4 oz pkgs. or 5 pounds bulk case!


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