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!Looking forward to Peony season 2018

Hammelmans Fresh Flowers

  Fresh from the fields of our Oregon farm!

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 Visit our Peony Gallery to see pictures of the varieties we grow. You will be thrilled when you open your box from us! (Contact us directly for large bulk orders)



 Peonies have amazing large, full, flower heads.  Their fragrance and color can change a room into a show of elegance and romance.

Peonies are usually available around Mother's Day, sometimes earlier, but not this season! Our weather's been far too cool, until now! Peonies continue to bloom throughout May, sometimes into June, as they are this year! Sometimes not.

Our early peonies are grown under cover for premium blooms. Please be aware that colors can vary and that WHITES may or may not be clear whites- they can tend to blush pinkish or have yellow centers.  This is determined by the weather and beyond our control!  

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