This week’s flower is Ammobium, also known as Winged Everlasting. Ammobium is a tender perennial herb. This means it may or may not return the following year, weather dependent. The flowers are snow white with a yellow center. The stems are stiff with oblong leaves, which is where the name “Winged Everlasting” comes from.


Hammelmans has been growing Ammobium for over 20 years. We normally plant every spring after the chance of frost. The plants need light, rich sandy soil and plenty of sun. The plants can be 18-36″ tall and will spread up to a foot across. Flowers are harvested throughout the summer from July to October until the first killing frost, as this keeps blooming all summer.


Ammobium can be cut for fresh flowers, but are likely considered too short for much fresh floral purposes. The flowers should be picked when fully opened with yellow centers at maturity. Immature buds do not open once they are cut and the stems droop, so it is important to not to rush harvest.

Ammobium is better used as a dried flower. These also dye nicely for a larger variety of colors. Making this an extremely useful filler for all types of design work. The white keeps its snowy appearance and it has nice volume.

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